Digital Publishers Academy

Learn the steps to create and launch your own digital courses in the Tecademics Marketplace!

The Founders PRE-LAUNCH Special packs over $25,000 worth of content into a very special gift for you, and it’s only $4997!


This program consists of 6 days of internet marketing bootcamps ONLINE that you can attend and watch live from anywhere in the world. These bootcamps will be run by Chris Record and his team of highly successful internet marketers and will be held every 1-2 months as a live stream feed that you can log into and watch from home. You will also have access to the full recordings.

  • Bootcamp 1 - Digital Publishing Day:

    On this day we will focus on discussing ideas for digital courses that you can create for the Tecademics Marketplace, along with high level strategies for how you can create a course without even needing to be the presenter! This is the perfect starting point for opening your mind to a different way to market online, and establish authority (even if you’re a beginner).

  • Bootcamp 2 - List Building Day:

    On this day we will dive more into the specifics about building your email list, including lead capture pages, lead magnets, traffic sources that convert, what platforms to use to manage your list, and how to automate the process effectively.

  • Bootcamp 3: Branding & Influence Day:

    On this day, we will help you with ideas to grow your social media following online, to become more of an influential presence, to get more followers engaging with your content, and how to level up your branding to become more successful online.

  • Bootcamp 4: E-Commerce & Scaling Day:

    On this day, we cover the topics of Ecom, Shopify, and Amazon, focusing on strategies to help you scale out winning campaigns and how to transition your top selling products onto additional platforms for multiple streams of income online.

  • Bootcamp 5: Email & Copywriting Day:

    On this day, we will help you maximize your email list by sharing how to get higher open rates on each email that you send, how to tell stories in your emails that convert, and how to use Copywriting in all your marketing, blogging, videos, and more!

  • Bootcamp 6: Viral Video Marketing Day:

    On this day, we will focus on video marketing, everything from YouTube videos to Facebook videos, to help you find and even create your own viral videos, as well as strategies to help boost videos in front of trending events for massive virality.


When you become a digital publisher with Tecademics and create your course under the approved guidelines, you will be able to feature it in the Tecademics Marketplace. There are additional opportunities to purchase advertising from Tecademics to help boost the awareness of your course and give your brand exposure. These advertising opportunities are listed in our Tecademics Media Kit.

  • Featured Publisher Spotlight:

    With this spotlight package we will spotlight your course in the featured slider at the top of the Marketplace page and list it for 5 days. This will give your course immediate attention to customers when they browse the marketplace.

  • Facebook Group Cover Photo & Post:

    We will create a post promoting your course and put it inside our Affiliate Facebook Group for direct exposure to the right audience that may want to potentially promote it. We will also update the group cover photo to feature your course to affiliates as well, and we will leave that custom cover photo up for a duration of 5 days.

  • Facebook Retargeting Ad Campaign:

    We will be actively retargeting our Tecademics members on a daily basis with campaigns leading to the top courses in our marketplace. With this retargeting package, we will add your course to that retargeting campaign list for 5 days.

  • Tecademics Sitewide Banner:

    We will create a banner ad for you that will be featured on the footer of ALL qualified pages on the Tecademics website, giving you maximum visibility across the site, to the public, to our members, and to our affiliates!

  • 2 Email Promos (1 to Members & 1 to Affiliates):

    When your course is approved, you’ll receive a promo from us and we will send an announcement of your course to our hundreds of thousands of members. With this email promo that we can send to our massive list of affiliates, your course will get catch the attention from marketers with big lists that may want to promote it for you.


Chris Record has been running this high level mastermind since 2015. Dozens and dozens of students have paid $10,000 to attend workshops run by Chris Record and industry leading marketers, to network with each other and discuss their business in a more intimate environment. When you purchase this mastermind, you have the opportunity to come to 4 masterminds over the course of a year.

  • Fall 2017:

    The next mastermind will be held at Chris Record's private residence in Paradise Valley Arizona, the 2 days following the TecTalks Conference. Chris will be sharing specific ideas with mastermind members about ways to build your email list rapidly with lead magnets and how to automate the process so that you create a turnkey system that can create revenue.

  • Winter 2017:

    Dates to be determined.

  • Spring 2018:

    Dates to be determined.

  • Summer 2018:

    Dates to be determined.



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