Tecademics Digital Publishers

Tecademics is rolling out a Marketplace filled with digital training courses ranging from $99-$999 each. These courses are exclusively released by Tecademics students who have purchased the Digital Publishers Academy and have completed The 3-day Certification.

Students complete certification and submit courses for approval to the Tecademics Educational Team who will review each course and offer feedback and suggestions to improve the course.

This is an opportunity for beginners to learn how to create a course from scratch, as well as receive ideas for courses when they attend The Digital Publisher Workshop on August 27th.

Earn Up To 80% Commissions!

As a Publisher you can sell courses for $99-$999 in the Tecademics Marketplace & earn 40% Publisher Commissions.

Your courses can get exposure to hundreds of thousands of members within the Tecademics Community, as well as tens of thousands of potential affiliates that can promote your courses.

Tecademics Affiliates can earn 40% commissions when they promote your courses featured in the marketplace.

You Can Earn up to 80% Commissions! (40% Affiliate and 40% Publisher)

We Will Film Your First Course For You Free! ($5,000 Value)

The First 100 PUBLISHERS will receive the ability to schedule a full-day of filming at our Tecademics Studio with our highly skilled videography team to create and publish your course for our marketplace.

Our studio books out at $5,000 per day for our done with you services, and you will be receiving this as a FREE BONUS if you are part of the first 100 Publishers.

Save $5,000!

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