Tecademics North Scottsdale Campus


The gorgeous Tecademics campus is a 25,000 square foot educational facility which regularly hosts week-long training sessions in our many classrooms throughout our site.

The hub of Tecademics is located in the office district of Kierland Commons, at the heart of North Scottsdale in sunny Arizona.


We discovered that when our students have the opportunity to collaborate and share best practices, they learn quicker, and retain their knowledge indefinitely. The LAB is a carefully designed learning environment, engineered to promote comfort and maximize communication. Brainstorming white boards plank an entire wall, with each desk angled specifically to create individual space, giving our students the comfort they desire to practice their newly acquired skills.



Our second classroom, with high ceilings and long spans, offer the students generous “elbow room,” promoting an open learning environment. Freedom from the confines of being crammed into a small space, the LOFT is our largest learning center, and certainly our most popular. The LOFT’s large capacity enables our students to participate in our popular trainings and events, and share their experiences with their peers.

The LOFT holds upwards of 130 people, and is host to our Ecom Accelerate, and Ecom Monetize business mentorship programs.


Our Chairman, Jim Piccolo, an accomplished furniture designer, was commissioned by Tecademics to create the LINKS. Each Piccolo original design has its own story, and this one is quite special. This table is designed with twelve individual pods, representing the people sitting at the table in their individuality. It’s overall shape resembles a bicycle chain, representing the fact that the individuals are “LINKED” together. The diamond shape pods in the center bond all of the individual pods to represent a diamond gem, which is known as the hardest mineral known to man. Stunning is an understatement, it has become a legendary icon within our Scottsdale campus.