Now YOU can easily create your own online business. When you follow our training, you'll be able to shortcut your success...
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Meet or Exceed any of these 3 sales milestones

Generate $100 in Retail Sales

Chance to Win an All Expense Paid Trip to Bora Bora for 2 People

Generate $1,000 in Retail Sales

Chance to Win A Briefcase with $20,000 Cash

Generate $10,000 in Retail Sales

Chance to Win a Chevy Camaro

What is the Ecom Challenge?

You register for FREE to become a participant, then you sign up for a Shopify store and install our Free App to connect it to the challenge.

Once you have completed the 3 on-boarding steps then you are an official participant in the challenge and can qualify for huge bonus incentives!

The challenge period ends at midnight ET on Aug 24th and then we will lock down the leaderboard and no more sales can count towards your totals.

On Saturday, August 25th we will choose one person randomly LIVE on stage at our Entrepreneur Conference in Scottsdale Arizona to receive the Bonus incentive for that category!

The best part is that you can qualify for all 3 categories, which means that you will be considered in the random selection for all 3 bonus incentives!

Month 1


  • Two week-long sessions of live training (5 days/week = 10 days)

  • Launch your first products online

  • TARGET: $100 in sales

Month 2


  • Learn the secrets to viral product research

  • Explode your marketing and attract high-quality customers to your Store using our simple, repeatable, proven formula

  • TARGET: $1,000 in sales

Month 3


  • Discover the shockingly effective methods to maximize your winning products for jaw-dropping profits.

  • Easy to implement AUTOMATION SECRETS that allow you to work ON your business instead of IN your business

  • TARGET: $10,000 in sales