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Are you a seasoned internet marketer or simply looking for a way to start living the laptop lifestyle? Do you prefer to study independently online, at your own pace, or do you enjoy live, hands-on learning and instructor interaction? Whatever it may be, Tecademics has the perfect educational solution for you.

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Online courses provide many advantages for students such as lower cost, a large variety of subjects, schedule flexibility, and convenience just to name a few. Online learning can also assist you in exploring which of the many internet marketing opportunities you would like to pursue.

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If you are looking for maximum retention of knowledge, in the shortest period of time, nothing compares to the live training experience offered at TECWEEK. Choose the educational focus you desire and immerse yourself in the experience. Enjoy the energizing culture of being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who share your passion.

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Tecademics offers the proprietary SYSTEMATIC PATH PROCESS (SPP)™, which is a fully–integrated, accelerated, continuing education solution within the lucrative, fast-growing and high-demand industry of digital marketing.


Tecademics deploys a unique approach to education. Our proprietary Systematic Path Process (SPP)™ is the gateway to a complete accelerated learning solution for our students. The three career paths within the SPP family send the Tecademics student along very specific, personal, income-focused paths that end with achieving goal-oriented results. All paths within the SPP family include continuing education that will teach the Tecademics student the specific internet marketing skills required to perform and compete at a high level in the internet marketing industry. Each path deploys an additional tactical curriculum designed to empower students with a significant advantage over other individuals seeking similar opportunities. These tactical skills are the missing link in other systems and give Tecademics students an almost unfair advantage over their competition.